With everything going on right now from The Rona to police brutality, the last thing we need to be worried about is these Karens running around thinking they are the law. For some people, the many viral videos might by somewhat surprising but for some of us, this is nothing new. Thankfully, due to smart phones and the many video footages that have come out in recent time, the world can see what these Karens are up to. Many have lost their jobs and became scrutinized by their community and you know what? I don't feel bad. These type of racist and prejudice antics have to stop. 
After seeing this continually happen, I knew I wanted to create something that spoke to the Karens of the world. I created this for the many people, not just black, who want to make a statement. You even see our allies (non black supporters of the cause) protesting against this. 

So in true Miss Bee's Tees form, we're here making a statement which much more statements and shit talking to come.